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Paragon PS4 Test to Start Soon, Devs Clarify It’s Not “Pay to Win”

Epic Games has confirmed that Paragon, the third-person shooter-MOBA hybrid will begin PlayStation testing soon. This was revealed over on Paragon subreddit where an email sent by Epic was making the rounds where it asked users to link their PlayStation IDs so they can be eligible for the Paragon PS4 testing phase.

Hello everybody,

I’ve just got this mail

We’re adding the PlayStation 4 version of Paragon to our Online Tests very soon.

We will be selecting PS4 testers from people who link their PlayStation Network ID here. This is the only way to be eligible for PS4 testing.

If you have any issues linking your account, please contact player support here.


The Paragon Team

So, check your mails and make sure to link your account.



Additionally, Creative Director Steve Superville also reiterated that Paragon won’t be “pay to win,” and clarified the card system being used by Paragon.

Hey all

Thanks for your interest in Paragon. I wanted to to add some clarity around the card system!


  • This game is not going to be pay to win. Cards are earned through play.
  • There are tons of cards coming that are interesting / not just pure stats!
  • The core idea behind the card system is indeed a customizable item shop that contributed to individual and team strategy.
  • We are already planning to let you craft whichever card you happen to desire, stay tuned for more details on that system.
  • There are many things about the cards that are not set in stone… among these:
    • How many cards we will have (probably hundreds)
    • How exactly they will be unlocked (going to try a few different things)
    • How many cards will be allowed in a deck (enough for a core build + some flexibility)
    • How much cards as opposed to leveling-up in game affect player power… this is a slider that we’ve moved many times during development
  • This game is not going to be pay to win!!


The game is early, and we have a lot of work to do still. We realize that the card system is somewhat controversial, but I think we can get it to a place that rewards player time and creativity!

You can check out some Paragon alpha gameplay footage here. Those who prefer their MOBAs using a mouse and keyboard, don’t forget, Paragon will support KB/M on PS4.

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