Naughty Dog: Uncharted 4 “Has a Very Specific Ending,” We Aren’t Making Mass Effect

After unveiling the dialogue options for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End at PlayStation Experience 2015, Creative Director Neil Druckmann said they would only appear in a few spots in the game where Naughty Dog could offer something interesting.

In a newly published interview by Eurogamer, Druckmann further discussed the dialogue options, mentioning that they aren’t making Mass Effect and there’s a specific ending to their game:

The thing I want to make sure we’re clear about is that we’re not making Mass Effect. Uncharted has a very specific story, it has a very specific ending that’s very definitive to the franchise. But every once in a while we felt a dialogue tree would really bring you more into the scene.

And there’s something about Sam asking Nate about his old adventures that’s like, it would be kind of fun to have Nate – and therefore the player – pick which story they want to tell first. And there’s a few other instances like that where it felt like a dialogue tree was just going to get you more into the scene and make it more interactive.

Fresh off The Last of Us, Druckmann says Naughty Dog’s previous title taught him that it was okay to have quiet moments in an action game, offering up the Halloween store scene in the Left Behind DLC as an example.

He added:

And getting the confidence to do that and bring that to Uncharted became really interesting because it helps show more the human side of Nathan Drake. What is Nathan Drake doing when he’s not on the adventure? And how do you put that on the thumb stick. How do you not just show that in a cut-scene – how do you play that? That’s something we brought straight over from the Last of Us.

Bringing up The Last of Us’ optional conversations where you could to turn your ally and dig a little deeper, Druckmann says Uncharted 4 will allow you to “slow the characters down a little bit and have them engage in conversation, and you can find out a little bit more about their relationship, and a little bit more about their personalities. We’ve sprinkled those throughout the game.”

Uncharted 4 releases on April 26 for PlayStation 4.

[Source: Eurogamer]