Multiplayer-Focused Party Game Wondershot Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC in 2016

Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the next few months in North America and Europe, Wondershot from Leikir Studio is a top-down, multiplayer-focused party game.

Supporting one player in its 45-challenge Adventure Mode, one to four players in its Endless Mode, and two to four players in its Brawl Mode, Wondershot uses a one shot and you’re down mechanic, as the description explains:

Wondershot is a top-down, multiplayer focused game with a strong focus on family-friendly party play. Players will take control of different characters in intense “one shot and you’re down” rounds in different map environments. Learn to use the bow, boomerang, hammer, and slingshot and master the special abilities of each weapon. Wondershot not only encourages 4-player competitive entertainment but also cooperative play as gamers can join together to take on waves of wicked enemies in environments that constantly change. Simple controls, quick pace of play, and surprising intensity make Wondershot an amazing multiplayer experience for all ages.

Leikir Studio Co-Founder Aurelien Loos adds:

It is a truly exciting time for us here at Leikir Studio. Every gamer’s dream is to make the type of video games they grew up playing and my favorite gaming memories were playing ‘couch party’ games with buddies. And that was our vision with Wondershot, a multiplayer game that’s simple, fast and fun that can be enjoyed by anyone.

When asked about a PlayStation Vita version, Loos said, “No Vita, sorry.”

[Source: PS Blog]