Dead Star Update Rolls Out, Tweaks Listed

Space shooter PSN game Dead Star has an update rolled out today, and it tweaks a lot of stuff from matchmaking, to of course, gameplay features.

Without further ado, here’s the complete list for the Dead Star update (1.07) that’s now out for the PS4 and PC:



  • Added an option to disable Crossplay matchmaking between PlayStation Network and PC Steam.​
  • Enabled server support in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Added multiple regions in North America.​
  • Players can toggle available locations from the Find Match menu.​
Voice Chat
  • Added Push To Talk and Toggle Talk options for Voice Chat. See Options->Settings->Audio for options.
  • Mapped to Triangle on gamepad, “T” on keyboard.​
Game Tips
  • Added a new Help Tips message area to the in game HUD, offering tips on current game goals.Tips can be disabled using Options->Settings->HUD->Advanced Game Status-> In-Game Help Tips.​
Help Menu
  • Help Menu: Added images and updated text to address clarity in some sections.​
  • Loading Screen: Loading screen now shows the map layout for Conquest, and the option selections for Freeplay.
  • Remapped interface buttons in many menus to make Push To Talk button always available.
  • Increased the size of Objective Indicators in the HUD.
  • Scanner now shows Squad Members in as green ship icons.​
  • Added unique icon art for every Ship System
  • Added missing audio to several ship systems.
  • Added an audio alert when player has an unspent Upgrade Point.​

AI Units

  • Guardian AI in home base sectors now increases level more slowly,
  • AI Frigates speed slightly boosted
  • Improved damage avoidance against environment hazards​
  • Trophies & Achievements
  • Added support for Trophies and Achievements.​
Capital Ship Escape Run
  • Enabled back end support for Capital Ship Escape Runs. Ability to earn Contracts is currently disabled​
  • Added two new Events that can be chosen to occur for a match:
  • Maximum Augments: All Ship systems are fully augmented during the match
  • Maximum Upgrades: All Ship systems are upgraded to maximum level during the match.
  • Reduced Health on Comets so they are easier to destroy.​
  • Added several extra Tutorial steps, and a prompt at the end of tutorials to learn more from the Help menu.​
  • If an Outpost was disabled but not captured by the enemy team, give less XP when it is recaptured by the owning team.​
  • Fix to an issue where AI Frigates would not aim properly when using beam weapon.

  • Various small fixes to UI elements and text strings

  • Warden (Estari Raider)

    • Fixed an issue where the Shock Cannon could hit targets multiple times.​
  • Voice Chat

    • Fixed issues with Mute All not muting incoming players​
  • Leaderboards

    • Fixed players with wins and no losses sorting at the bottom of the win/loss leaderboard.​

That’s certainly a lot of changes, and this isn’t even the game’s final release build even. 

What do you make of Dead Star so far?

[Source: Dead Star]