Tron Run/r Gets a February 16 Release Date on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Released last month through Steam Early Access, Tron Run/r is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 16 in North America and Europe for $20, with a PC full release happening on the same day.

“Get ready to return to the world of Tron in Tron Run/r, a new lightning fast, action-adventure runner with a twist,” says the video description. As Disney further explained, Tron Run/r will allow you to create and customize an avatar with light cycles, suits, and helmets. You’ll also find more than 30 levels, a Stream mode that remixes existing levels, and leaderboard support.

The Steam description adds:

Kevin Flynn…he is a legend. Space Paranoids, TRON the whole deal. The man came up with so many ideas. The world needs to see them. See what they tried to hide. So much unseen for so long. Here it is. The truth. RUN PROGRAM!

Will you be getting Tron Run/r when it releases next month?

[Source: GameSpot, Steam]