The Witness Dev Says They Could “Make Something of Comparable Intricacy Next,” as Piracy Runs Rampant

With The Witness now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, Thekla President Jonathan Blow is already looking towards the future of the company, saying their next game could be as intricate, but it shouldn’t take seven years to make:

While The Witness is still sitting in the Steam top 10, Blow revealed that it’s being heavily pirated and this could negatively impact Thekla’s plans for more games:

It seems The Witness is the #1 game on a certain popular torrent site. Unfortunately this will not help us afford to make another game! I’m glad that a lot more people will be experiencing the game! But I also want to be able to make another comparable game next! Just sayin’.

Addressing people who may be stuck in a puzzle, Blow said, “I see a lot of people going to forums immediately if they can’t figure something out. Don’t do that! It makes your experience a lot worse. You are smart, you can do it! If you don’t know now, sleep on it. Take a walk. Watch a good movie or go to a different puzzle!”

What do you think of The Witness so far?

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