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Footage and Details From Cancelled Batman Game Based on The Dark Knight Surfaces

While games based on movies are a foregone conclusion most of the time, there is one movie that curiously didn’t get the video game treatment. I’m, of course, referring to Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie in his trilogy, The Dark Knight.

Thanks to Unseen 64, we now know what happened to rumored The Dark Knight video game and what went wrong during its development over at Pandemic Studios (now defunct). In the video above, which clocks in at just over 13-minutes long, we hear about investors, failed game engines, delays, and even U2’s Bono gets mentioned. 

According to the video, an analyst estimates that publisher EA, who owned the rights to the games based on the movie at the time, lost around $100 million due to development costs, resources, and lost potential sales. Needless to say, game development is costly and goes through a ton of red tape and the video shows us exactly what roadblocks developers go through in making a game.

Batman fans I gather aren’t too saddened by this news, since we did get that little Batman trilogy from Rocksteady, which might possibly be the best superhero-based games of all time.

Check the video out and let us know what you think.

[Source: DidYaKnowGaming (YouTube)]