Rainbow Moon PS4 Release Date Is February 16, PS3/Vita Owners Receive a Discount

Rainbow Moon for PlayStation 4 will release for PlayStation 4 on February 16 in North America and February 17 in Europe, Eastasiasoft announced today.

Downloaded over one million times worldwide on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Rainbow Moon on PS4 will cost $14.99/€14.99/£11.99. If you already own the game on PS3 or PS Vita (it was a PlayStation Plus offering in October 2014), and live in one of the “selected territories,” you’ll receive a 50% discount.

Here’s the description for Rainbow Moon, with Eastasiasoft adding that the PS4 version includes updated dialog and improved load times, and will be a 1.6GB download:

Rainbow Moon is a role-playing game with a strong emphasis on exploration across a beautiful, isometric, open world, deep character development and tactical turn-based battles. Six playable main characters with upgradeable weapons, armor and accessories, over 100 special skills and more than 20 challenging dungeons await you in an massive game that lasts over 40 hours.

  • Complete all optional content to extend play time to more than 100 hours.
  • Earn more than 50 trophies, including a prestigious platinum trophy.
  • Exchange saved data between your PS4 system, PS3 system, and PS Vita system.
  • Experience smooth 60 fps with next to no load times.

The follow-up to Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Skies is expected later this year on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.