Two Melee-Focused Heroes Join the Fray for Gearbox’s Battleborn

Of the 25 playable heroes that will feature in Battleborn come release, developer Gearbox has showcased exactly 18 up until this point, with today’s reveal of Galilea and Attikus taking that confirmed roster up to a nice round 20. 

Described as melee-centric characters, Senior Community Editor Darren Gladstone took to PlayStation Blog to offer a bit more insight into what players can expect before charging into battle as either Galilea or Attikus. 

First up, bearing the moniker The Wraith of Bliss, the former is the most promising warrior to emerge from the Silent Sisters division. Immortal and mercurial, “Galilea is at war with herself and her new powers as she hopes to find a new purpose among the Peacekeepers.”

As for Attikus, the hulking warrior is a “slave, labourer, [and the] greatest warrior among the Jennerit underclass — the Thralls.” In showcasing the newcomers to the fray, Gearbox debuted a character highlight trailer for each new hero, pinpointing their idiosyncrasies and unique fighting styles.

Battleborn is due to drop for PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 3, 2016. Before that, though, an open beta is set to go live shortly before launch, with PS4 players getting early access. Those who participate will be entitled to a 26th playable hero.

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