Dark Souls 3 Opening Cinematic Revealed

Titled To The Kingdom of Lothric, the Dark Souls 3 opening cinematic was released today as a trailer by Bandai Namco and developer From Software.

The description from Bandai Namco America says, “The opening cinematic from Dark Souls III sheds a tiny beam of light onto the mystery of where and when Dark Souls III takes place. The next chapter in the epic saga created from From Software will keep you guessing what’s around the next corner. You don’t want to miss this incredible adventure.”

Bandai Namco Europe, meanwhile, says, “In venturing North, the Pilgrims discover the truth of the Old Words… Discover in exclusivity the opening cinematic of Dark Souls 3! Yhorm the Giant, Aldrich Saint of the Deep, Farron’s Undead Legion and more await you in Lothric. Are you ready to fight them all?”

Dark Souls 3 launches on April 12 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to Bandai Namco, it will be this year’s Game of the Year.

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