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Firewatch Story Preview in 60 Seconds

Playstation users have found themselves somewhat spoilt for choice in the early weeks of 2016, with Amplitude and The Witness appealing to music and puzzle fans alike. That steady stream will continue this week with the arrival of Unravel and Campo Santo’s Firewatch.

Yes, Jonathan Blow’s puzzler continues to have us scratching our head in a mix of awe and confusion, but in today’s episode of 60 Seconds, we offer the spotlight to Campo’s maiden title as it inches closer to launch. 

Firewatch is due to hit PlayStation 4 and PC come Tuesday, February 9, but will you be picking up Campo’s adventure title? Do let us know and as always, if you have any tips or suggestions for the show, you can email [email protected]

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Stay tuned for our review of Firewatch, too!

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