P.T. Inspired Horror Title Visage Nearing Kickstarter Stretch Goal for PS4 Version

Konami’s canned Silent Hills reboot and its standalone teaser P.T. continue to leave a lasting legacy.

Team17’s Allison Road is an example of one such title, while Visage recently stormed to Kickstarter success by securing its $35,000 funding target in only 12 days. 

Developed by SadSquare Studio, the game began life as a recreation of the by-now infamous house from P.T., leading the developer to spin out Visage into a full-fledged release once Konami pulled the plug on Silent Hills. It’s gunning for a different tone to its peers, though, and will “feel a lot more like an adventure/play-a-movie game,” according to Programmer Jonathan Gagné.

Now that initial funding has been secured, the first stretch goal ($45,000) for the new horror IP would allow SadSquare to release a console version, while VR compatibility is also on the table should the campaign break past $50,000. 

At the time of writing, the game’s crowdfunding haul is simmering north of $37,000 CAD with 32 days still remaining, and the official description outlines the Visage‘s setup as so:

In Visage, you will be shown and will relive fragments of history that will send chills down your spine. Each of these fragments will drag you closer to what’s behind the dark history of this place. You will witness, firsthand, how people died in this horrible house. Each death has its visage. Will you dare look into its eyes?

Should the project secure funding, Visage is set to release in January of 2017. 

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