World of Tanks British Content Update Now Out, Adds Vehicles and More

Wargaming has rolled out the first massive content update for World of Tanks on PlayStation 4, and it involves the British!

The World of Tanks British content update introduces the addition of the new British Tech Tree along with new maps, 40 vehicles and more.

In this content update, World of Tanks brings an impressive force of over 40 powerful British vehicles to the PlayStation®4 battlefield. A large collection of light, medium, and heavy tanks along with tank destroyers and artillery join the fight. Command some of the most legendary vehicles in British history like the Crusader, Cromwell, and Conqueror. Additionally, some of the most notable maps in World of Tanks have been added to PlayStation®4, including “Siegfried Line,” “Fisherman’s Bay”, “Ensk War!” and many others. Players can also get to grips with the well-known “Westfield” map, as well its variant with weather conditions: “Westfield Rain”.

You can watch what awaits you in the video above.

Players can download World of Tanks now, and given there’s already over a million downloads on the PS4 since launch, I suspect finding people to play with won’t be an issue.