Activision: Guitar Hero Live Sales Missed Targets, Sony Partnership “Off to a Great Start”

Hot on the heels of Rock Band 4‘s lowly sales figures, Activision has revealed sales of Guitar Hero Live were also “lower than [the] expected performance.”

Word comes by way of the publisher’s financial call to investors, where Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg noted that while GH Live “introduced innovative new gameplay to fans,” the plan now is to double down on the game’s GHTV platform and new content. As a result, there will “not be another full Guitar Hero console game this cycle.” 

Releasing in the face of stiff competition, Activision’s peripheral-based music title wasn’t the publisher’s only game to miss internal targets, with Skylanders Superchargers also underperforming in light of “greater competition in the toys to life genre and due to the casual audience’s shift to mobile devices.”

On the other hand, after clinching its place as the #1 next-gen console game life-to-date, Activision also reflected on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and, specifically, its content partnership with Sony, which is “off to a great start on both Call of Duty and Destiny.”

In closing, Activision recorded $4.6 billion of revenues and $1.5 billion of operating income for 2015. Looking further afield, 2016 is expected to be a “record year” for the company, with President Robert A. Kotick estimating “$6.25 billion of revenues and more than $2 billion of operating income.”

[Source: Seeking Alpha]