Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Makes Its Way to Europe on April 7

Released in North America earlier this month (here’s our review), Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is coming to Europe on April 7, Marvelous announced today.

Available for PlayStation 4 (retail and digital) and PlayStation 3 (digital), Nitroplus Blasterz is a 2D anime fighter developed by EXAMU (Arcana Heart). There will be a limited Lethal Blaze edition on PS4 that includes a Super Sonico t-shirt and five art cards. Marvelous says, “[It] is in really short supply, so prospective buyers should make sure to grab a copy before they’re gone! Both editions will also be sold via Amazon after launch, and standard editions will also be available in selected stores.”

Starring characters from Nitroplus’ visual novels and anime, Nitroplus Blasterz features a Partner Blitz mechanic, which was discussed by Producer Masaki Harada:

Before each fight, players choose a playable character as well as two partner characters that can be summoned during combat. Both partners can be summoned at the same time as long as their respective Partner Meters are full, and they can support the main heroine in many different ways, all consistent with their personalities and abilities.

Clever use of this mechanic is critical for victory, and players who choose partners that complement their chosen character’s combos and abilities will have the edge on their opponents – even before the match begins!

Some other features that are sure to please die-hard fans of fighting games are the devastating “Lethal Blaze” attacks, which show gorgeous cut-ins with anime aesthetics, and the “Vanishing Guard” mechanic, which can protect players even from the opponent’s strongest attacks. And if that was not enough, the heroines can also enter ‘Infinite blast’ mode, which not only allows characters to regenerate a portion of their missing health, but can also interrupt enemy attacks if timed correctly.

In our review of Heroines Infinite Duel, we said it was an “admirable effort.”

[Source: PS Blog]