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Developer The Chinese Room Ready to Announce New Game, No Publisher Involved

The Chinese Room, developer behind Dear Esther and PS4 exclusive Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, is gearing up to unveil its next project. 

Word comes by way of the studio’s official Twitter account, where The Chinese Room announced that information regarding its next game will debut “in the next couple of weeks.”

But whereas Rapture was tied to Sony, the developer’s new creative effort won’t involve a publisher, meaning that it’ll retain full ownership of the IP. As such, expect the team to be “pretty open” about development. 

In anticipation of the official unveiling, The Chinese Room has posted a series of Tweets asking fans whether they wish to see behind-the-scenes material for the as-yet-unknown title, and if memorabilia such as “t-shirts, special editions, vinyl, graphic novel” et al. are of any particular interest. 

You can find further details about the open dialog via the studio’s Twitter feed. Expect The Chinese Room to peel back the curtain on its next project in a couple of weeks’ time. 

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