Bethesda Responds to Fallout 4 Season Pass Price Increase Criticism

Yesterday, Bethesda announced that they’d be increasing the price of the Fallout 4 Season Pass from $29.99 to $49.99 on March 1, as they have more than $60 worth of DLC planned this year.

Following the news, Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda, responded to a number of questions relating to the Season Pass and price increase. In one reply, he revealed that you don’t need to have finished Fallout 4 to enjoy the DLC:

Doesn’t really matter [if you beat the game]. [DLC] adds into your existing experience regardless of where you are and what you’ve done.

When another person talked about how they have to buy the Season Pass or wait until the content is out to make an educated decision, Hines said, “You don’t have to do anything. You make a decision based on the info you need, when you’re ready. If that means waiting, ok.” Asked why they’re doing the price increase, Hines replied, “We are making more than we planned and we aren’t going to continue to give away $60 or more worth of DLC for $30.”

Responding to a couple of other questions about the $49.99 price, Hines said, “We are doing a lot of DLC. If you don’t want to get [Season pass] and would rather buy the DLC individually, or not at all, do that, I guess,” and “if you don’t think what we have announced, which costs more than $30 individually, is worth $30 then I guess don’t buy it, I guess.”

Asked what justifies the $20 price increase, he said, “The additional content we plan on doing that we hadn’t when we priced it at $30.”

While Bethesda won’t give out details on the remaining DLC in the Season Pass “until the team is ready,” Hines did say, “It includes more than just… the three. Several more.” Specifically asked about the Automatron content, he confirmed “it’s not just” a robot companion, but didn’t elaborate.

Hines also reiterated that the “plan is for all platforms [to receive DLC] at once. No exclusives.”

As for the DLC beta, Hines isn’t sure exactly when the tests will begin, though they will happen “whenever the team has a need.”

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