Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Fig Campaign Launched, Could Come to PS4 & Xbox One

Seeking $400,000 by March 31 (it’s already over $47,000), a Fig crowdfunding campaign has opened for Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, which is in development for consoles and PC.

“We plan to launch on PC, Steam, The Humble Store and GOG with the possibilities of rolling the game out on PS4, XBOX One,” developer Interabang Entertainment said. “We will initially release a local co-op multiplayer with the option of online co-op as another stretch goal.”

Featuring voiceovers and storyline feedback from Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is a 2.5D side-scrolling over-the-top multiplayer brawler where you swap back and forth between Jay and Silent, or play co-operatively with a friend. For the combat, Interabang says it’s inspired by games like Godhand and Marvel vs Capcom, spliced with the tag team mechanics of Donkey Kong Country.


On a mission to find your long lost pot customers trapped in a shopping center, here’s what to expect from Chronic Blunt Punch’s story:

Jay and Silent Bob’s customers are gone and they’re on a mission to find out why. Their search soon leads them to the sparkling new mega-mall which is almost a city unto itself complete with apartments, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. On the surface, the mall seems a Utopia. But as our heroes soon discover once a would-be patron of this paradise enters they find they can’t make their way out. Before long the power of the place mesmerizes them and they no longer remember their lives before becoming permanent citizens of The Galleria. Who’s responsible for this diabolical labyrinth?! What do they want?! Will Jay and Silent Bob ever find the Orange Julius?! Only time will tell…

If Chronic Blunt Punch is funded, the developers say it will be available in February 2018.

You can learn more about the game, campaign, and rewards by following the link below.

[Source: Fig]