Golem’s First PlayStation VR Gameplay Video Is Now Available to Watch

Coming exclusively first to PlayStation VR, Golem is a title which was revealed during last year’s PSX conference

While the minute long PSX 2015 trailer packed quite a bit of content into the short amount of time, with both characters and settings showcased, there was no clear indication of what the gameplay would actually involve.

Thankfully, IGN sat down with developer Highwire Games, a studio mixing ex-Halo and ex-Infamous devs together, to see how Golem actually played. 

Check out the bedroom and cave developer walkthrough just below:

Now that gameplay footage is out in the open, perhaps we’ll see and hear a lot more from Highwire Games and its upcoming PlayStation VR title.

Which VR game are you most looking forward to playing on your PlayStation 4? How do you think Golem looks so far?

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[Source: IGN]