Hello Games Thinks No Man’s Sky Would Be A “Perfect Fit” for Virtual Reality

Last year, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray said they were thinking about virtual reality support for No Man’s Sky, and it would be a “good fit” for the exploration and space combat. Now, in an interview with GameSpot, Murray says, “I think it’s [sic] perfect fit for virtual reality.”

When it was suggested that No Man’s Sky could be PlayStation VR’s killer app, he replied:

I think that No Man’s Sky, which is this infinite computer generated universe, and PlayStation VR, which is a headset that you put on and enter a VR space is like, it’s like you’ve asked me when I was five what the future would look like. But that’s as far as I can comment.

Elsewhere in the interview, Murray was asked what steps they’ve taken to make sure things in No Man’s Sky don’t get repetitive as you explore the whole universe of 18 quintillion planets. According to him, it will be impossible for things not to repeat:

Are they going to say, ‘Oh no, I never want to see two leaf shapes that are the same,’ or whatever? Because there’s only so many different shapes in the world. There’s only so many different colors and things like that. If you went and explored our universe you’d find a whole load of things that repeat. You’d find a lot of brown planets for instance. Because of the way atmospheres are built, you will find a lot of blue skies for instance. The universe we’re building for No Man’s Sky is similar in that you will of course find things that are similar.

But I think what really matters is that the gameplay experience is really varied and the world you’re in feels really varied. More varied than other games. And that’s what’s important to us. Actually, for one player, they’re seeing a really wide, huge variety of stuff and they’re constantly surprised. That’s the thing that’s really important I guess.

In No Man’s Sky, everyone starts on the outside of the universe with their own planet. Although it takes place within a shared universe, Murray says, “The chances of you meeting up with your friends are zero, pretty much. But, we are all in the same universe, and if two players were to fly to the exact same planet in the exact same place then they’d see the same thing.”

If you do run into another player or visit a previously discovered planet, Hello Games wants it to be something you’re aware of. “But it’s not like you go off and play deathmatch together, or call Julie, or start meleeing together and tea-bag each other,” he added. “That is not what the game is about. It’s more of a Journey-esque experience, or Dark Souls-esque kind of thing.”

According to Murray, reaching the center of the universe in No Man’s Sky will take hundreds of hours of gameplay if you do nothing else. He then teased, “Well there’s a reason that you’ll want to make that journey, reasons that we haven’t really talked about. There are reasons why you would want to continue playing. Afterwards [those reasons] change the game a little bit.”

Elaborating a bit on the post-launch support that could happen if No Man’s Sky is successful, Murray hinted at community feedback playing a big part. “It’d be really nice to just kind of have the game out and have it be a real thing, and then be able to talk to the community and just have a conversation about it, like, ‘Hey, you’re enjoying this. What things don’t you like? What things are really annoying you? What things do you wish you could do?’ That kind of stuff,” he said.

No Man’s Sky releases on June 21 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: GameSpot]