The Division Outfit Packs Are $4.99 Each, Some Players Are Standing in a Doorway to Block Progress

Before launch, Ubisoft said The Division wouldn’t include an in-game store for micro-transactions, but they’d instead be selling “vanity items” as DLC through first-party stores. With the game now available, you can purchase two outfit packs for $4.99 each through the PlayStation Store.

Purely cosmetic, here’s what the outfit packs include:

The Division Military Specialists Outfits Pack

Customize your agent with four iconic military looks with this armed force outfit pack.

  • Army Spec Ops
  • Pilot Jumpsuit
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
  • Sniper

The Division Marine Forces Outfits Pack

Customize your agent like a Marine Forces soldier with this armed force themed pack. Four unique camoflaged-patterned outfits.

Season Pass owners are also able to grab an exclusive outfit pack that includes Motorcycle Police, Sheriff, NY Troopers, and S.W.A.T. Team.

Also, as discovered by Eurogamer, some The Division players are standing in the doorway of the first safehouse, blocking people’s progress. If you experience this issue, it’s suggested that you run on the spot next to them (see above video). After a short time you should pass through them and be able to continue on.

As for The Division’s servers, they suffered through some problems at the beginning of the day, but Ubisoft Support said shortly after that “the earlier online issue is now resolved and all services have resumed normal operation on all platforms. Thank you for your patience.”

What do you think of The Division so far?

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