Divide Is an Isometric Sci-Fi Adventure Game Coming to PS4 in 2016

Offering a modern take on past isometric adventures, Divide is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016, developer Exploding Tuba Studios announced.

A character-driven, science fiction action/adventure game, Divide sees you searching for clues that reveal new story details, interacting with characters, and fighting enemies by either hacking out of sight or attacking head-on.

On the PlayStation Blog, Exploding Tuba Founder Chris Tilton talked about creating a game that told a compelling story about an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances:

This is the foundation of Divide. But we also wanted Divide to be an action story, and that meant combat; mechanics to play and master with risk and reward. We knew we wanted the game to call back to isometric adventure games, and the controls to borrow from dual-stick shooters.

It was important for the controls to be concise and anchor your fingers to the buttons to keep every action, from shooting to interfacing with an augmented reality world, available without multitasking any given finger or thumb.

Although you’ll be met by armed agents sent to apprehend you, Tilton says they wanted to “free the player from mandatory gunplay.” So, you can blast enemies with your powerful sidearm, or use stealth and subterfuge to avoid them.

[Source: PS Blog]