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Watch an Unedited Boss Fight From Upcoming Hack-And-Slash Game Furi

Developer The Game Bakers has released a new gameplay video for its frenzied hack-and-slash title, Furi, showing a speedrun of one of the toughest boss fights in the upcoming game. Watch the unedited 10-min video in which Combat Designer, Benjamin Le Moullec, takes on a fierce foe without dying. 

The enemy here is a “tactician, hunter and playful mercenary” that “doesn’t leave anything to chance.” According to the developer:

She has planned her fight and has weapons to help her win: drones, a laser sniper riffle, a great camouflage, and she can even control every bit of the arena she fights in, raising covers, blocking paths as she wants. 

In a press release, The Game Bakers added that Furi is inspired by the “Japanese way” of making games in that its style or animations aren’t realistic. We’re told that it’s “fast-paced and requires great timing, reflexes, and judgment.” Each of the Guardians players face off has been designed by Afro Samurai creator, Takashi Okazaki, and comes with its own distinct combat style. 

Furi is scheduled for release this year for the PlayStation 4 and PC.