Ubisoft Announces Online Multiplayer VR Game Werewolves Within for PlayStation VR

One of the first multiplayer virtual reality games created, Werewolves Within from Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft Barcelona is coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive in fall 2016, Ubisoft announced today.

A game of social deduction that “brings the fun of game night with friends to virtual reality,” Werewolves Within is an online multiplayer title for five to eight people. Set in the medieval village of Gallowston, you must uncover the werewolves that have been attacking the townsfolk:

Designed as an online multiplayer experience for five to eight people, players assume randomly assigned roles at the beginning of each game, some of which grant special abilities that will help players deduce who is a werewolf in disguise. To keep the experience dynamic, games are quick, with roles changing each time. One round you could be a villager, pleading your case for innocence, and the next round you could be a werewolf, lying your way to a win.

For the online multiplayer, you can create Private Matches with friends or play in a Quick Match with friends and other gamers.

As you can see in the above reveal trailer, Werewolves Within uses voice detection, positional tracking technology, and animations based on voice inflection analysis to show your real-life actions and body language in-game.

Creative Director David Votypka said, “VR is proving to be an amazing platform for social interaction, moving toward truly feeling like you are there with other people. Werewolves Within gives players a taste of how VR can generate strong social connections, allowing you to get together to have a great time with others no matter how near or far they are.”

[Source: Ubi Blog]