2D Shoot’Em up Gryphon Knight Epic Attacks PS4 & Xbox One on March 29

A medieval 2D shoot’em up from developer Cyber Rhino Studios, Gryphon Knight Epic is coming to PlayStation 4 on March 29 and Xbox One on March 30 for $9.99.

Released last year on PC, Gryphon Knight Epic tells the story of Sir Oliver, a former knight, and Aquila, his loyal gryphon, as they are forced to adventure again after former heroes go rogue all at once. Mixing together shoot’em up gameplay, exploration, and duel-like boss battles, here’s what you can expect from the game:

Sir Oliver have already defeated a dragon, married a princess and saved the kingdom. But during his quest he will face adversaries he never imagined he would, because… in reality all of them were once friends. What happened? These heroes would never go rogue… and all at once? Something is rotten in the kingdom and its up to Oliver discover what.

  • Fight your way as the brave knight Sir Oliver, riding your gryphon Áquila, through 8 hand-crafted, eye-candy levels
  • Duel with challenging bosses, get their weapons and level-up your skills
  • Explore the stages to find equipment and hidden items, and discover the ancient lore of the world
  • Laugh with hilarious dialogues, widen your eyes in epic moments, and have tons of old-school fun!

Game Designer Sandro Tomasetti adds, “We are happy to launch GKE on consoles! It has been 6 months of polishing and fixing the game using input from reviewers, gamer community and play testers. We are confident that this version fixed all flaws present at the day of PC launch.”