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Digital Foundry: Dark Souls III Has Clear Advantages on PS4

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has been testing Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a verdict that’s in favor Sony’s console due to visual and performance advantages. 

Calling it a “great looking game,” Digital Foundry notes that Dark Souls III offers a native 1920×1080 image on PS4 and is visually a “clear-cut case” in favor of the console. The article further states:

Almost every area prone to a 25fps drop on Xbox One instead runs at the intended 30fps on PS4. The stress-point which catches Sony’s machine off-guard is on the approach to the Firelink shrine, the complexity of which forces a dip to 28fps (while Xbox One falls even lower). It translates to a broadly smoother experience on PS4, though the frustrating reality is that both consoles suffer from frame-pacing issues. As with Bloodborne, neither PS4 or Xbox One versions of Dark Souls 3 feel as smooth as they should do, even while running at the target 30fps on average. Frames are incorrectly ordered to produce a stuttering sensation, and our hopes of From Software addressing the issue are once again dashed.

It’s undeniable PS4 brings out the best in From Software’s latest project, presenting its world at a clearer 1080p, and with a firmer grasp on its 30fps target to boot.

For more on the frame-rate test, check out the video above or read the full write-up by following the source link below.

Dark Souls III is now available in Japan. An international release is scheduled for April 12.

[Source: Eurogamer]