MLB The Show 16 Improvements Listed, Sony Rolls Out Bloopers Video

Over on the official US PlayStation Blog, Ramone Russell, Community Manager and Game Designer at Sony San Diego revealed the list of improvements the studio has made for MLB The Show 16 compared to its predecessor.

Here’s some of the improvements in MLB The Show 16:

  • The introduction of ShowTime
  • Significant improvements to Road to the Show and Franchise modes
  • New physically-based rendering
  • Over 1,000 new animations
  • Career stat tracking
  • Two brand new game modes

And with “Year-to-Year” saves returning for MLB The Show 16, gamers will be able to experience the improvements in this year’s version without losing progress from last year. 

Additionally,  check out the blooper reel above from all the content the studio has captured in the past two months.

Finally, the studio also talks about bug squashing and how it’s easy to do help the dev team terminate other game issues in MLB The Show 16.

Bug Reports

Some of you may not be aware, but we have an easy-to-use Bug Reporting system build into We’re grateful for those in the community who consistently bring something to our attention as soon as they come across it; sometimes it takes thousands of people playing for an issue to arise and nothing helps us have a shot to quash a bug faster than having it flagged ASAP.

If you’ve encountered an issue, please visit the Bug Reports page.

Note: We greatly appreciate if you can check to see whether the issue you’ve come across has already been posted. There’s a handy search feature!

If you’re not sure whether to get this year’s baseball sim by Sony San Diego, make sure to read our review to see why we gave it an outstanding 9/10 and mention, “It almost goes without saying, but MLB The Show 16 knocks it out of the park yet again.”

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]