Titanfall 2 Dev Team Bigger Than in the Original by Almost 30 Percent

With Titanfall 2 confirmed to be releasing onto PlayStation platforms compared to the original’s “Xbox-only” outing, it’s understandable that Respawn has more people working on the game. 

Just how many more? Around 30 percent more or roughly 90 people compared to the first one’s 70, according to HR & Recruiting Manager Kristin Christopher. Mind, this is only for Titanfall 2, with the rest of the studio working on an unannounced third-person action game, Christopher mentions that the studio will most likely hire more soon.

Respawn is growing from a one game, one team studio to a two game, two team studio. “A while back we hired Stig Asmussen – formerly with Sony, where he was director on God of War 3 – to direct a new game for us.

The team is currently small, but as they prepare to go full-force into development there will be many more positions that open up. I could see us hiring up to 70 more people to support that game, not counting other roles in the studio. It is a really exciting time.

While publisher EA has yet to formally announce Titanfall 2 and its release date, retailers have begun taking pre-orders for the shooter, and EA has said that it will release the game within this fiscal year,

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[Source: Develop via Videogamer]