Kill Strain Private Access Season Pegged for Next Week, Sign Ups Now Open

Beginning Monday, April 4, Sony San Diego will host a private season for its upcoming top-down shooter Kill Strain across SCEE regions, and you can sign up for a chance to partake in the shooter mayhem from today. 

Taking to PlayStation Blog, Game Director Pierre Hintze directed users to the private access site, noting that the limited season will run through until April 11. Once inputting your PSN ID, Sony San Diego will get in contact should you be successful. 

In tandem with the announcement, there’s also the premiere of Kill Strain‘s motion comic. Embedded above is the first episode, Enter the Strain, offering fans context about the game’s apocalyptic premise. 

Billed as a “top-down, 5v2v5 shooter with a twist,” Hintze outlined the general set-up of the title in the Blog post. 

In addition to the two human teams, there is a third team of mutants. Mutants are fearsome enemies of humans who inhabit “the strain”. Their goal is to destroy all humans and spread their strain across the world. And did I mention they even have the power to turn humans into mutants? This ability can turn a game completely on its head and shift the balance of power in an instant.

Kill Strain is yet to nail down an official release date. The Private Access season, meanwhile, kicks off on April 4 for those in SCEE regions. 

[Source: PS Blog]