Uncharted 4’s Ending Has Already Caused Some Arguments, Says Director

Carrying a name like A Thief’s End, and being Naughty Dog’s last entry into the series, Uncharted 4 could end in a number of ways. According to comments Creative Director Neil Druckmann made to IGN, the ending they’ve created has already led to some arguments:

I think people will discuss the ending. If focus tests are anything to go by, there will be some arguments about the ending. I’m excited. Indifference would be the worst thing. I would rather have people hate it than be indifferent to it. We’ll see how they react.

Asked if Nathan Drake will die at the end, Druckmann said with a laugh, “Do you really want me to tell you? You don’t really want me to tell you.”

Uncharted 4 has already gone gold ahead of its May 10 release on PlayStation 4, and Druckmann can’t wait for launch. “I’m giddy because we’re done,” he said. “We have final code but people aren’t playing it yet, so I’m anxious.”

As for the future of the franchise, Naughty Dog has said “this is the end for Nathan Drake,” but since Sony still owns Uncharted, “they can do whatever they want.”

Speaking with GamesRadar recently, Druckmann revealed that he’d be excited to play a new game in the series from a different developer if they did a good job. Also, if someone else did take it over, Naughty Dog would still be involved:

If they made a great game I’d be excited. I’d want to play an Uncharted I didn’t work on. It’d be a lot of fun.

Obviously we would have a big part in it as the creators of the franchise, we’d just want to make sure they get the essence of it right.

However, if a studio can’t create a great continuation of the Uncharted franchise, Druckmann says, “Then it’s okay that this is the last one.”

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