Dead Star Servers Are Live, Watch the Launch Trailer

Released earlier today on PlayStation 4 and PC for $19.99, with PlayStation Plus members able to download it for free this month, Dead Star’s servers are now live and developer Armature Studio published the above launch trailer in celebration.

A 10-on-10 online multiplayer space shooter where you earn loot and levels while fighting in procedurally generated battlefields, Dead Star was given a Beginner’s Guide by Lead Designer Tom Ivey. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a ship:

Dead Star offers many different ships, each with its own unique set of powers and roles in combat, broken down into the following types:

  • Scouts: These sleek, nimble ships are useful for exploration. They don’t have much combat power, but they can capture outposts four times faster than anything else.
  • Raiders: A mix of speed and power, Raiders are formidable in combat and also pack double the cargo capacity — making them the ideal class for upgrading your bases.
  • Frigates: The heavy hitters of Dead Star, Frigates pack a lot of health and offensive firepower at the cost of being among the slowest ships in the game.

Every ship class has three alien variations — the type you choose depends on your preferred gameplay style. The Valant are your offensive-minded powerhouses, loaded full of weaponry that take the fight to your enemies and create havoc on the front-line.

The Ithid are perfect for pilots who thrive on guerrilla tactics — their cloaking devices and teleportation allow for quick surprise attacks.

The Estari are the support crew of the three races. These ethereal energy beings can repair damage to ships while also packing a serious punch with their lighting-based attacks.

You can carry three ships into battle, from any race or any class, so choosing the perfect loadout is crucial!

After detailing your team’s main goal of exploring the region of space, capturing neutral outposts, and achieving victory by destroying your enemy’s Home Base or by earning a set amount of resources from captured outposts, Ivey explained loot:

After every match in Dead Star you’ll earn rewards based on your rating as an effective pilot in five different categories, ranging from how many enemy ships you’ve destroyed to how many bases you’ve upgraded. The higher your rating in each category, the rarer rewards you’ll receive — whether it’s a cosmetic skin for your favorite ship, a fancy new portrait for your pilot, or rare components you can use to permanently improve your ship’s abilities.

Also keep an eye out for Contracts — these extremely rare rewards grant your crew access to a powerful Capital Ship used to invade a series of live player matches. If your crew can survive the battle against the Dead Star community, you’ll earn the rarest rewards in the galaxy!

Armature also revealed how to change servers on PS4:

Will you be downloading Dead Star today?

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