Action-Platform Game Kim Coming to PS4 & PC in 2016

A sci-fi, action-platform game where you shoot milk at people, Kim from developer We The Force is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

Playing as Kim The Avenger Cow, who gains superpowers after a freak accident, you lead the bovine uprising and show humans that cows are now the supreme animals. During the game you’ll shoot hillbillies, government agents, and evil sheep with your customized milk gun, while also using platforming to battle enemies and complete challenges.

Director Hector Amavizca said:

At We The Force we never take ourselves too seriously and we think this mentality allows us to create fun and engaging games that showcase everything we love about video games. With Kim we’re continuing this tradition and combining a lighthearted theme with robust gameplay that will both challenge players and make them laugh. After all, how can you not laugh when you’re playing as a cow that shoots milk from its specialized udder gun?

Kim will be playable at the Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston from April 22 – 24.