Here’s What’s New in SHAREfactory With PS4 Update 3.50

When PlayStation 4 system software update 3.50 was released earlier today, it also brought along some changes to SHAREfactory, the PS4 video editor.

As revealed by the SHAREfactory development team on Twitter, here’s what changed with the new PS4 update (see gallery below for images):

  • You can now Record Party Chat into SHARE videos! Enable Share Party Audio in Audio Sharing Settings
  • Share Settings is now Sharing & Broadcast Settings, and can be found in the main Settings menu.
  • Double-tap SHARE to start a recording, then double-tap again to auto-save!
  • Videos in game LiveTiles only auto-play while the video is directly highlighted.
  • #SHAREfactory is now in Game Association fields, so users can create their own Community/user-event
  • When Uploading, you can now tag Friends in the video with the “Played With” field
  • Select titles now display “Who to Follow” LiveTiles with relevant verified PSN accounts to follow.
  • Have an official or user-generated Event you want to share? Post directly to Communities and Messages!

Although they didn’t say what it is, you can now register for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Time Bender Event:

Additionally, a new SHAREfactory 50s theme is now available through the PlayStation Store for $1.99/£1.69.

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