Physics Puzzle Game Human Fall Flat Given Summer 2016 Release Window on Console & PC

Developed by No Brakes Games, physics puzzle game Human Fall Flat is coming to console and PC this summer, publisher Curve Digital announced today. Although specific consoles weren’t mentioned, No Brakes Games said PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are planned.

Playing as a builder named Bob, you must escape his surreal dreamscapes, which are built on his daily experiences, hopes, fears, and memories, and crafted into puzzles by the dream maker.

Curve Digital continued by explaining how to play Human Fall Flat:

At its heart, it’s a game which will make you laugh. Bob is a human. No hero, no super powers. Bob’s journey is as random as it is surreal – with no fixed solutions to the obstacles he must overcome. Taking the form of open-ended sandbox levels in which players can experiment with solutions, Bob must traverse this beautiful yet deadly world in a bid to understand what’s powering his dreams.

Players control Bob’s basic movement, but operate his arms independently, making his journey haphazard, hilarious and fraught with danger. Bob can pull stuff. He can push stuff. He can kick stuff. He can carry stuff. He can climb stuff. He can break stuff. And he can use stuff on other stuff to make other stuff happen.

Curve Digital Publishing Director Simon Byron said, “Human Fall Flat is a rare exception: a joy to play – and to watch, which explains its popularity on YouTube over recent weeks (over 10 million views cumulatively). Having heard Tomas’s plans for the launch of the game and beyond, we’re really excited to be helping Human Fall onto as many formats as possible.”

Official console details will be announced “in due course.”

[Source: Human Fall Flat (Twitter)]