15 PS3 Co-Op Games That You Need to Play

While the PlayStation 3 might not be the latest and greatest in gaming hardware anymore, there are still plenty of reasons to check out its fantastic library of games. One of which is the system’s tremendous line-up of cooperative games that are a blast to play with friends. After all, gaming is best shared with loved ones!

With that in mind, PlayStation LifeStyle has crafted a list of 15 PS3 co-op games that you need to play. These range from some of the best games ever released on a PlayStation console to some that are just plain dumb fun. The best part is that even if you don’t have a PlayStation 3, you can still enjoy many of the games on the list thanks to PlayStation Now!

Check out 15 PS3 co-op games that you need to play below!

We hope you enjoyed our look at 15 PlayStation 3 cooperative games you need to play. While we named 15 titles, that’s just a small fraction of the PS3’s game library. Which means there’s plenty more fun games out there.

Let us know what games you love to play with friends in the comments below and what PS3 co-op games you recommend to your fellow gamers!

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