Shadow Complex Remastered Gets a May 3 Release Date for PS4 & PC

Released earlier this year for Xbox One, Shadow Complex Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on May 3 in North America and Europe, Epic Games announced today.

An action side-scroller, Shadow Complex Remastered promises a 10+ hour single-player campaign that takes you across a variety of non-linear levels. Additionally, there’s the Proving Grounds mode, which offers side challenges to “help hone the skills needed to become the ultimate Shadow Complex master.”

Creative Director Donald Mustard says, “Gameplay centers around exploration and fast-paced combat, challenging you to gather power-ups to overcome obstacles, thwart enemies, and delve into a mysterious and challenging world.”

For this remastered version of Shadow Complex, all of the original game content is included, complete with graphical enhancements, additional Master Challenges, and dynamic melee take-downs.

Mustard also talked about how they developed Shadow Complex:

Our initial goal in designing Shadow Complex was to create a game reminiscent of the classic nonlinear 2D side-scrollers we’d always loved — games like Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This beloved genre provided some of our most memorable gaming experiences, but was abandoned for more than a decade in favor of new games pushing 3D graphics. We love our modern games, but also longed for something new with the flavor and simplicity of something old. We hoped that others shared our passion for this genre and that Shadow Complex might help to reinvigorate it!

It’s been an amazing experience to watch fellow gamers embrace Shadow Complex with such enthusiasm and we’ve enjoyed playing some of the other new side-scrollers that have since followed.

If the PS4 version of Shadow Complex Remastered is the same as the Xbox One version, expect it to cost $14.99.

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