Mafia III Will Feature Many Different Cars and “Ton of Great Music” From the Era

At PAX East 2016, Mafia III developer, Hangar 13, revealed that the upcoming title will allow players to drive a variety of cars including muscle cars and military vehicles. Producer Andy Wilson said that each car will be unique in its own way but also cautioned that players shouldn’t expect a driving “sim” experience. 

In addition to this, the studio said that Mafia III will feature a “ton of great music” from the era. However, the team is unable to reveal a full list of songs until licensing is dealt with. Confirmed songs so far include: All Along the Watchtower, House of the Rising Sun, Fortunate Son, Son of a Preacher Man, and Paint It Black

During the panel, Creative Director Haden Blackman also discussed the game’s setting, revealing that Hangar 13 considered several locations before settling for a rendition of New Orleans. The developer said it was important for the setting to feel different than that of Mafia II‘s Empire Bay. 

Mafia III releases on October 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

What do our readers think of the game’s story and setting so far?

[Source: GameSpot]