PAX East ’16: Best PlayStation Games of the Show

Another year, another convention. PAX East 2016 has come and gone, and we’ve finished providing a number of hands-on features of notable PlayStation games that appeared on the show floor. We shot up some zombies in Capcom’s competitive shooter Umbrella Corps, learned to fight in lanes in NIS America’s Grand Kingdom, danced with swords in DreamSail Games’ Blade Ballet and beat up some mutants in nothing but boxers in Suda51’s Let It Die.

It was a wonderful time, giving us a glimpse of gaming’s near future with a taste of titles scheduled to release this year on PlayStation. You may be wondering, though: what were the best of the best, and what made them stand out from the crowd? Wonder no more! We’ve lined up the best PlayStation games we got to playtest at PAX East, identified the “defining feature” that makes them special, and provided helpful links to our full hands-on features where you can figure out what it’s like to play these upcoming projects.

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