Life Goes On: Done to Death Releases on May 17 for PS4 & PC

Announced last year, puzzle platformer Life Goes On: Done to Death is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on May 17 in North America and Europe, developer Infinite Monkeys Entertainment revealed.

With the Done to Death edition, Infinity Monkeys has added an additional sky world called The Ruins, unlockable hats and weapons (horse heads and spatulas are given as examples), portals, zombies, and challenging bonus levels.

Here’s the description for Life Gone On: Done to Death:

A mighty king, deciding that dying would be a drag, sends his army of knights to find the Cup of Life. You’ll guide the knights through more than 65 treacherous and trap-ridden levels, making many sacrifices along the way. Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Freeze them into blocks of ice to reach higher ground. Blast a knight out of a cannon to land the dead body on a button. Zombify a knight to create a dim-witted, violent companion to solve the next puzzle. Dying has never been so much fun!

The extra content in Done to Death will be added to the Steam version on May 17 as a free update.