The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Gets a Dev Diary, Download Size Is Over 13GB

Set for release on May 31, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion was given a lengthy dev diary today by CD Projekt Red, where members of the team discuss Geralt’s final mission, new features, and the new location of Toussaint.

In an interview with VG247, Quest Designer Patrick Mills talked about how development of Blood and Wine was about twice as long as Hearts of Stone, and Blood and Wine has far more side content to go along with its core story:

There’s lots and lots of quests. That’s something that — on Hearts of Stone it was mostly the core story of the expansion. With this one we’ve got that core story, and it’s actually a little bit longer than the Hearts of Stone core story, but then we also have tremendous amounts of side content.

That’s actually the sort of side I enjoy a little bit more, because we can tell our own stories and tell smaller, self-contained stories, and there are lots of them. If you just walk around that city… the other day I just loaded it up myself to test something. Normally we just test on our little sections, but I loaded up the whole thing that time, and I’m walking through it and there’s just… a quest, and a quest, and a quest, and a quest. I see an event happening, and I know that leads to a quest, and this thing over here ties into a quest… there’s lots going on here.

According to the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store, Blood and Wine will be a 13GB – 15.3GB download. It also looks like it will unlock at 4am PT/7am ET on May 30.

Here’s 20 minutes of gameplay from Blood and Wine:

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