Indie Studio Announces AAA Platformer Ilios: Betrayal of Gods

French developer, Aurora Studio, has announced Ilios: Betrayal of Gods – a platformer set in a Greek mythological steampunk world. Described as an “indie AAA 2D action adventure” game, the project seeks $100,000 through Kickstarter, which Aurora says is only a part of its budget.

In a press release, the developer said that Ilios features dynamic gameplay and “an emphasis on story based upon Iliad and Odyssey’s songs by Homère.” The title is inspired by games like Castlevania, Odin Sphere and Devil May Cry, featuring a “deep dynamic battle system, deadly platforming, mature story, and huge replay value.” Here’s a synopsis:

Play as Polites, the last survivor of the Trojan War. In his desire for revenge he wishes to eradicate everyone who destroyed the people he loved… Game of action and epic adventure, Ilios propels you into a mysterious and violent world where Polites will learn that the Gods are not what they claim to be.

Aurora, which has worked on titles like Saint Seiya, plans to release Ilios: Betrayal of Gods by the end of 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. You can follow its upcoming campaign and watch a trailer here.