PSLS Help Desk – How to Clean Your PS4

In this week’s edition of PSLS Help Desk, the PlayStation LifeStyle crew talks about cleaning your PlayStation 4 console. While some might see this as just getting a cloth and wiping dust off the console, it’s not as plain as that if you want to really clean it.

Below are tips and suggestions from the staff on how to clean and maintain your PS4 so that it’s in top working condition.

Mack: Compressed air, ftw! Keep it clean to keep temperatures low. PS4’s performance can drop if it’s too hot and it turns off if it’s overheating.

Generally, hoover and dust your room at least once a week. Your electronics will thank you.

Heath Hindman: I’m not joking: I put mine back in the original box and stow it in the closet when I’m not using it. 

 It’s a minor inconvenience, and there might be something wrong with me, but you know what there’s not something wrong with? My PS4.
(Actually my odd habit it symptomatic of living in Japan and not having what most would refer to as an “entertainment center.”)

Zarmena: One tip – the HDD bay cover slides off and sometimes dust can get caught up underneath it. You can use compressed air or a small blower to get that stuff out. 

Make sure your PS4 isn’t under warranty when you do this (unless you don’t care about warranty) but under those little warranty seals at the back of the console are screws that allow you to open it up. The fan doesn’t require you to open the whole thing up and is relatively easier to get to than the PS3. Don’t be afraid to follow a YouTube video. Once you get to the fan, again – dust blower or compressed air will do the trick. I sometimes also use q-tips for thorough cleaning. This is a process that doesn’t need to be repeated often unless you have your PS4 in an area that catches a lot of dust (not recommended, of course). I mean, I’ve only done it once since I bought my launch console. But beware that this WILL void your warranty.
Externally, be careful when cleaning the HDD bay cover. Many people don’t realize that it can easily get scratched. Microfiber cloth is the way to go. 
PS: Give your controller a little bit of cleaning every now and then too. That one often gets ignored and I’ve seen people with the filthiest controllers ever. Again, I sometimes use a q-tip to get under the thumbsticks. The rest is straightforward and is self explanatory.

We hope this helps you clean — and maintain — your PS4. Granted, it’s a sturdy piece of hardware, but a little more TLC on your console will help ensure it lasts until the next console generation.

Do you have any tech or game questions you want answered by the PSLS staff? Or maybe you have your own set of tips on how to properly clean your PS4? You can share your comments, suggestions and feedback in the comments below. 

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