SEGA is “Very Interested” in Bringing Atlus Games to the West

Back in April, SEGA of America completed its acquisition of Atlus USA, taking on the company’s publishing duties. This came as a bit of bad news for NIS America who ended its partnership with Atlus, alleging that the company became “very picky about selecting the European publishing partner” following its acquisition. 

Fans have since been left wondering whether they’ll be able to get their hands on Atlus titles and how they’ll make their way to the region. As a response, SEGA’s SVP of commercial publishing, John Clark, has said that the company is “very interested” in bringing Atlus games to the West.

We’re very interested in bringing all of the group’s Japanese content not just to the West, but to Europe in particular.

We are always trying to find a way. And that’s an on-going process. That’s something we are continually assessing and talking to and if there are really strong opportunities to support the Japanese content in Europe, we’ll do it.

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[Source: MCV UK]