7 Best inFAMOUS Moments in Sucker Punch’s Franchise

Messiah or devil? Good or evil? Few games present players with compelling choices and fewer still nail that moral conundrum with such flair as those coming out of Sucker Punch Productions.

We are, of course, referring to the inFAMOUS franchise; Sony’s dormant superhero series that first roared onto the scene in all of its electrifying glory in 2009 — on May 26, to be exact. Cole MacGrath quickly struck a chord with the PlayStation faithful, becoming one of the early mascots of the PS3 era and spawning a rip-roaring sequel and gothic expansion to boot in Festival of Blood.

But as three became four, Sucker Punch switched gears for inFAMOUS Second Son, a visually stunning offshoot that thrust Troy Baker in the role of Conduit Delsin Rowe. That was in 2014, before the studio capped off its superhero shenanigans with the really rather excellent First Light DLC later the same year.

Now, the inFAMOUS franchise has reached its 7th anniversary and to celebrate, we’ve recounted the seven best moments form Sucker Punch’s series.

— Spoiler Warning for the entire inFAMOUS franchise! —

Reflecting back on the inFAMOUS series, what are your fondest memories from Sucker Punch’s superhero franchise?

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