PlayStation VR Reportedly Wasn’t Suited to Launch PS4s

According to a Chief Technical Officer speaking to EDGE magazine (via IGN) on the condition of anonymity, the PlayStation 4 Neo was inspired by the need for a stronger hardware to run PSVR. The source claims that Sony’s Virtual Reality device would have been “truly awful” on launch consoles. 

PSVR was going to be terrible on a [launch] PS4. It was going to be truly awful. Something a bit more powerful starts to bring VR into range. If you want to deal with crazy requirements for performance in VR, you absolutely have to [introduce new hardware].

As IGN points out, the source is talking in past tense so it doesn’t necessarily mean that PSVR hasn’t been tweaked to work as desired on launch consoles but it’s worth noting what could have inspired the rumored PS4 Neo. 

Interestingly, Red Bull recently held an interview with Assetto Corsa developer Kuno’s Executive Manager, Marco Massarutto, who expressed his concerns about PSVR performance issues on the PS4. However, he also implied that the new console could eliminate that problem.

When it comes to the PS version of VR, the big problem is performance there but, you know, they may be coming out with that new upgraded model.

Do our readers think the PS4 Neo may have been inspired by the need for new hardware compatible with PSVR?

[Source: EDGE via IGN, Red Bull via GamingBolt]