SMITE Ultimate God Pack PS4 Giveaway

In case you didn’t know, Hi-Rez Studios has finally unleashed its MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) SMITE out of its beta cage on the PlayStation 4.

To commemorate this event, Hi-Rez has given PlayStation LifeStyle a few SMITE Ultimate God Pack + 10K Gems to giveaway! Yep, not only will winning net you a SMITE Ultimate God Pack, but you’ll have 10,000 Gems to spend as you wish!

How to enter? Very simple. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us if you were a god, who and/or what would you be and what powers you’d have. Yes, you can take creative liberties from existing mythologies or make up your own. We’ll by Monday and notify winners once they’ve won. Oh, and if you can, please leave a way for us to contact you so we can send the code right away, alright?

Want to be more familiar with SMITE? Make sure to check our review where we had the following to say:

MOBA games are now everywhere. SMITE has finally made the transition over to the PlayStation 4, and I am happy to say that the transition has gone fairly smoothly. With good presentation, deceptively easy to pick up combat, and great team mechanics, SMITE will be one to invest time and money into. When you find your favorite character, the best thing to do is simply pay to unlock them. With a seemingly solid commitment to not turn this into a pay-to-win franchise, developer Hi-Rez Studios should be proud of this port.

Stay tuned for more giveaways here on PlayStation LifeStyle!