How We Soar Brings a Virtual Reality Flight Experience to PlayStation VR in Q4 2016

From Penny Black Studios, which is made up of former Free Radical and Crytek developers, How We Soar is a PlayStation VR exclusive flight experience set for release in Q4 2016.

In How We Soar, you use the DualShock 4 to control the reins of a giant Phoenix, exploring the game at whichever speed you choose. As you fly around, the world will react and reform into recognizable environments and, if you fly close to each surface, color will be restored and story secrets will be revealed.

Managing Director Tom Turner discussed the papercraft art style and setting:

“Everything from the environment to the characters to the Phoenix itself is fashioned in a unique papercraft art style, giving everything you see a very distinct and tactile appearance. One of the coolest things about the game is how you interact with the world around you. Each level that you enter will appear strangely shredded, torn and unfolded.”

“The world that you explore has been created in the mind and memories of “The Author.” You will travel back and forth between the realms of reality and fantasy with the goal of uncovering the memories hidden within and piecing together the tale of The Author’s life.”

It remains to be seen if How We Soar will be available at PlayStation VR’s launch in October, or a little later in November/December.

[Source: PS Blog]