Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset and Tactical Audio Controller Review

The continued surge of the eSports world and competitive gaming has ushered in an entirely new product market, catering to these competitive gamers in unique and innovative ways – from new headsets to gamer snacks, supplements for focus to special eye-glasses for long bouts of strategic button mashing. Being at the top of their game in their field, Turtle Beach is elevating the toolset competitive gamers have in their disposal once again with their new Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset, Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller, and Elite Pro accessories.

This new Elite Pro series are the highest in quality that Turtle Beach offers and rivals the sound quality of headsets two and three times the price. And those pricier models aren’t designed specifically with intense or long competitive tournaments in mind where not only sound quality is paramount to success, but also comfort. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset is the solution.

Why You Should Go Pro

The Elite Pro’s all-new 50mm “Nanoclear” speakers provide nearly flawless, distortion-free, crisp, crystal clear audio. We put it through a variety of tests, including intense multiplayer shoot-outs, eerie single-player stealth, and even just streaming some music via Spotify and the Elite Pro lives up to its namesake in every way. If we were going on audio clarity and quality alone, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset would be worth the investment.

But there’s really a lot more to it that makes the Elite Pro a great fit not only for competitive gamers, but for casual gamers as well. The new Aerofit Ear Cushions feature groundbreaking material technology that give the sound isolation of leather cups, while keeping you cool as fabric cups would. This means the sound quality is optimal, but doesn’t weigh you down or lead to clammy, sweaty ears. The ear cups also feature the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System which is essentially a channel build right into the ear cushioning to prevent that uncomfortable feeling when your glasses are being pushed into the side of your head from the pressure of the headset band. It’s small, yet innovative tweaks like this that are found everywhere in the Elite Pro lineup that make a critical difference in competition.

Equally important as hearing, making sure your squad hears you clearly is just as vital to team performance. The Elite Pro’s removable, omni-directional mic with TruSpeak technology provides clear as day communication. If this is an area that’s exceptionally important, it may be worth further investing in the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.).

Tactical Expansion

The Elite Pro T.A.C. extends the power and capabilities of the Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset in a number of ways. The Elite Pro T.A.C. enhances the sound quality with surround sound, as much as 7.1 channel surround on PC and Mac, serving as its own external USB sound card. The T.A.C. also enables a number of additional features, such as boosting the mic performance, limiting background noise, and what I consider the coolest feature of all – the ability to daisy chain multiple Elite Pro T.A.C.s together with Ethernet cables to create a closed chat network. Perfect for ensuring the competition can’t get a one up on your squad.

The T.A.C. also comes with a plethora of genre-specific audio presets, along with a “superhuman hearing” preset that is specifically for detecting stealthy, soft footsteps from behind, or even something as subtle as a weapon reload from your blind spots.

One of the best things about the Elite Pro lineup, is you start with the Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset, and then you can customize your experience based on your needs or level of competitive play. Not everyone needs the T.A.C. but it’ll make a world of difference if it suits your needs. There’s also a Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone, Tactical Audio Adaptor for the Xbox One, and A.M.P. for PS4.

If you take your gaming seriously or compete at the pro level, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro lineup is definitely worth a look. The Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset retails for $199 and it’s also $199 for the Tactical Audio Controller. Considering what you get, the value is there, but even better, you can start with the headset and build your arsenal from there. With so many ways to customize your experience, the perfect combination of products is really up to your needs – but the value is really a no brainer once you’ve given it a try yourself.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset and Tactical Audio Controller review units provided by Turtle Beach