Attack on Titan Interview – Trying to Survive Among Giants

PlayStation LifeStyle recently got a chance to chat with, Hisashi Koinuma, producer at Koei Tecmo, about the upcoming Attack on Titan game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the Vita. We talked everything from new characters and online co-op, to the live-action movie and the high flying aerial battles. Check out the full questions and answers below.

PlayStation LifeStyle: Will Attack on Titan feature new characters not seen in the anime?

Hisashi Koinuma: Yes, it will feature Titans specific to this game.  There will also be Titans that have not appeared in the anime which fans of the original manga are familiar with.

PSLS: How powerful is the player? On one hand, the thought of the Spider Man-like omindirectional gear seems almost like a superpower. On the other, humans in the series are typically almost helpless against the Titans. How do you nail that powerful yet helpless feel?

Hisashi: The Titans attack with lethal force to create the same sense of despair as in the original manga. While the player is highly mobile, if they are caught by a Titan they are immediately in a state of danger, so I think we’ve been able to achieve this fine balance to complement thrilling gameplay that stays true to the manga. Also, the Titans in the first half of the game are weak, but if players increase the game’s difficulty they can battle against powerful Titans – we recommend this for those who want to experience the feeling of helplessness from the start.

PSLS: Will voice actors from the anime reprise their roles for the game?

Hisashi: Yes, the same voice actors are used.


PSLS: Are there RPG leveling elements in the game? If so, is it challenging to make them meaningful considering how powerful the Titans are?

Hisashi: There are leveling elements in the game, but since we wanted to stay faithful to the manga, we’ve limited the growth of the characters on purpose.  For example, if Armin leveled up to the extent that he could withstand continuous damage from a Titan, I think that would greatly disappoint the manga fans. 

Our approach is to strengthen the players through the development and modification of their weapons in order to take on the powerful Titans.

PSLS: Online co-op was added to the Japanese release of Attack on Titan. Will that be available in this Western release?

Hisashi: Yes, it will be available in the Western release.

PSLS: What about the DLC that has released or been announced for the Japanese release?

Hisashi: Yes, we are preparing the DLC as well.


PSLS: What was your opinion on the live-action Attack on Titan movies?

Hisashi: Since we’re using the same IP, it was great to see the powerful SFX elements in a cinematic setting. The movie’s setting was different from the original manga and the direction of the game, but it was enjoyable.

PSLS: How will this game improve upon the last Attack on Titan game, Humanity in Chains?

Hisashi: I can’t say much on this because Humanity in Chains was by a different developer and the creative direction of the two games is different.

In our case, we aimed to create a game in which the player has the ability to move around freely with the use of the omni-directional mobility gear, and I think we have been able to accomplish this. In addition, the graphic capabilities of the consoles we’re developing for and the tactical system used in the Titan combat mode provide an entertaining and immersive experience, especially with repeated plays.

PSLS: It seems like it’d be difficult to successfully pull off a game that effectively mimics the fast-paced aerial battles of the anime series. How did you go about tackling this?

Hisashi: We referenced many games that tackled similar concepts, including Batman and Spider-Man games. But even with these references it was really difficult to create a maneuverable system that felt right. It took a long time to figure out how to come up with a way where players can go where they want, have it look good, and make it seamless to operate, with numerous attempts by trial and error to make it better.


PSLS: The game covers significant events from the first season of the anime. Will players who watched that season come away with any surprises?

Hisashi: We have included an original story that includes Titans that have not appeared in the anime.  In the game’s climax, there are also intense battles against the Colossal Titan and others which fans of the manga have highly anticipated.

In addition, there are conversations and events that can only be experienced in this game, so players will feel more emotionally involved with the characters. There are also collection elements such as a Titan Field Guide that displays details of the Titans defeated. We hope fans of the manga and anime will play the game when it releases in the West this August and enjoy all of the surprises that await them.

We’d like to thank Hisashi Koinuma for his time. Attack on Titan will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on August 30th.