Watch Dogs 2 Offers New Ways to Hack and More Player Freedom, Says Game Director

Watch Dogs 2 Game Director, Danny Belanger, has said that the upcoming title will feature several new ways to hack and will allow players more freedom with at least three different play styles. In an interview with PlayStation Blog, he said that the game will feel new and different, with an emphasis on “big data” as opposed to surveillance. By big data, he means social media, search engines, and so on. 

We’re taking these technologies, looking at them, and asking what the risks are, what can happen, what could a hacker do? And we’ve found that we can create some super-interesting situations.

Players will now be able to hack anything that’s connected. Where the first game focused on simple patterns, Watch Dogs 2 will allow players to carry out multiple hacks on every single person. Belanger further said:

The player has the freedom to play the way they want. We’re using three playstyles to talk about the game. The combat hacker — who is more proactive and uses hacks to take down people. There’s the ghost hacker — they can use hacks to distract and make noises. And then there’s the trickster hacker. They can finish a whole mission without actually physically being there.

Players don’t have to pick a specific way to play. You can play a certain way one day, and a different one the next. 

Watch Dogs 2 will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 15. You can read our hands-on preview from E3 2016 here.

[Source: PlayStation]